Known Consignor – Modules 1 to 8

Known Consignors are no longer permitted to take Levels A to G training.

There is now an air cargo security training syllabus specifically for Known Consignors, this consists of 8 Modules.   Modules 1 – 7 are for all staff handling or directly involved with air cargo shipments, with the additional Module 8 intended for the person taking responsibility for the secure process and acting as the contact point with the CAA/DfT.

These sessions are generally run as in-house courses since TrainingTeam do not offer them as part of their schedule programme.

Morning Modules 1 – 7 :

  • Aviation security – threat & mitigation
  • The threat to aviation
  • Aviation security – organisation & legislation
  • Principles of the air cargo regime
  • Prohibited Articles
  • Recognition of explosives & incendiary devices
  • Methods of concealment
  • Protecting air cargo
  • Responding to threat warnings & prohibited articles
  • Making cargo secure
  • Secure transportation
  • The consignment security certificate


Afternoon Module 8 :

  •  The role of the responsible person