Level CM – Cargo Manager

Air Cargo Security courses are modular, each level builds on the training received at a lower level. For example, a Level CM candidate will have received all modules delivered to Levels CASP, CO, COS & CS before receiving training in the modules specific to Level CM (modules for Level CAP are not delivered on TrainingTeam’s scheduled courses). Level CM is intended solely for the Nominated Security Manager and their deputy at a Regulated Agent’s regulated site.

All regulated sites must have a manager nominated to oversee and be responsible for the security operation. The security manager will be the single point of contact for the CAA/DfT who will look to that person to create and maintain the security programme detailing the security processes in place at that particular site.

Day 1


Module 1  – The Threat to Aviation

Module 2 – Aviation Security – Organisation and Legislation

Module 3 – Protecting Air Cargo – Warehouse

Module 4 – Protecting Air Cargo – Drivers

Module  5 – Not Required

Module 6 – Reacting To and Reporting of Suspicious Circumstances & Security Incidents


Module 7 – Security Controls for Air Cargo

Module 8 – Warehouse Acceptance and Dispatch of Air Cargo

Module 9 – Prohibited Articles

Module 10 – Methods of Concealment

Module 11 – Overview of Screening Methods

Module 13 – Hand Search (Optional)

Day 2


Module 20 – The Supervisor


Module 21 – Security Managers