Are your goods dangerous?

Are your Goods safe for transport?

Are you aware that strict regulations exist about items that are considered to be a danger for transport by air, road, or sea, unless they are packed, labeled, and handled correctly?

Some years ago an aircraft crashed in Florida, killing 109 people. The reason was a fire in the cargo hold. Aircraft equipment familiar to the industry had been incorrectly packed, and reacted together causing the fire.

A cargo agent in the UK was fined £25000, plus costs, for an infringement of the Dangerous Goods by Air regulations. There are frequent road and sea transport incidents involving Dangerous Goods that could have been avoided by proper training.

Only just recently a major mail order company in the UK was fined £65,000, plus £60,000 costs, for a serious infringement of the Dangerous Goods by Air regulations. If an experienced and well respected company can get it wrong, are you sure your goods are ‘safe’?

Forgive the dramatic statements but they illustrate the consequences of not complying with accepted and mandatory procedures designed to prevent accidents. Regular shippers usually understand the requirements, but most problems arise because businesses and staff are unaware that clear instructions are available enforced by legislation.

Are your goods ‘dangerous’? Some items are more obvious than others! Explosives, and radioactive materials, for example, are fairly obvious, but many everyday items are included in the ‘Dangerous Goods List’. How do you know, for example, whether or not a particular liquid, perhaps a cosmetic, or a popular household item, could be classed as flammable or corrosive? All items classified as ‘Dangerous Goods’ are listed in the regulations.

Of course, listed items, except for those absolutely forbidden, are safe for carriage when classification, documentation, specific packing, labeling, stowage, and staff training requirements are met.

Our experts are ready to answer any questions you may have, and an on-line overview course for management is also available for Air, Road, and Sea transport.

TrainingTeam are a leading provider of the staff training courses mandated by the regulations. Scheduled public courses are held regularly thoroughout the UK, and they can also be conducted at your venue to your particular requirements if more appropriate to your needs..

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