Lithium Batteries Courses Now Available

Lithium Batteries are becoming increasingly common, powering many everyday items, ranging from wheelchairs to power tools, not forgetting laptops and mobile phones.

Industry concern about their transportation in cargo and by passengers is causing frequent change to legislation. As from 01 April 2016, the carriage of Lithium ion batteries (UN 3480), as cargo, is now prohibited on passenger aircraft. This restriction does not apply to Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment or packed with equipment (UN3481).

Given this change, although Lithium batteries may be carried in cargo only aircraft, many shippers will now have to look to carriage of Lithium ion batteries through alternatives means such as road and sea, where no further restrictions have been introduced.

Currently, carriage of Lithium batteries by passengers remain unchanged.

TrainingTeam can now offer your company a 2 day classroom course at London-Gatwick, Manchester or East Midlands specific to the Carriage of Lithium batteries in compliance with ICAO/IATA legal requirements.
Alternatively, if you have already attended a Dangerous Goods by Air Certificate (CAT 6), or have attended a Dangerous Goods by Road or Dangerous Goods by Sea course, a half day Lithium Battery Update course is also available.

Either course can be run in-house at your premises for your particular requirement. Successful candidates will receive a certificate valid for two years.

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