Confused about Regulated Agent training levels?…..

Then worry no more – here is our guide to the new DfT syllabus and how they map across to the old system…

Level CASP – Cargo Aviation Security Principles (Previously level A & B)

General awareness for staff who have access to secure areas but do not have direct involvement with air cargo (including drivers previously trained to level A/D).

Level CAP – Cargo Aircraft Protection (Previously Level C)

For staff involved with controlling access to, searching and loading of aircraft

Level CO – Cargo Operative (Previously Level D)

For staff involved in the handling or preparation of air cargo.

Level COS – Cargo Operative Screening (Previously Level E)

For staff to understand the screening methods permitted by the DfT and the order of priority in which they should be applied.

Level CS – Cargo Supervisor (Previously Level F)

For supervisors of staff qualified up to and including Level COS, or staff who have day-to-day responsibility for implementing Air Cargo Security procedures.

Level CM – Cargo Manager (Previously Level G)

For the ‘Appointed Security Manager’ of a ‘Regulated Site’ as nominated in a Security Programme.

Hope this helps…

Chris is an experienced aviation security instructor with 22 years service in the Royal air Force, including the RAF Training school. He is a DfT qualified instructor for Air Cargo Security, X-ray and RFX. He is also CTTLS qualified, and a member of the Institute for Learning.