DG by Air Radioactive Materials Course – 2 Days

For those who solely ship radioactive dangerous goods they need only attend the Radioactive Materials by Air course. The certificate will reflect that it only applies to radioactive shipments and is valid for two years. For those involved with other classes of dangerous goods as well, it is necessary to hold both Dangerous Goods by Air and Radioactive Materials by Air certificates. (For maintaining approval it is necessary to attend and successfully pass both revalidation courses).

In order to maintain continuity of the qualification, it is necessary to revalidate before the expiry date shown on the certificate. Revalidation training can be completed up to 3 months in advance without effecting the original expiry date.

Course Programme Guide

Day 1

  • Explanation of Radioactivity
  • Shipments forbidden by air
  • Classification
  • Proper Shipping Names and UN Numbers
  • Packagings, Transport Index and measurement of activity levels
  • Package specifications and testing
  • Package marking and labelling


Day 2

  • Shipper’s Declaration, Competent Authority Approvals, Air Waybill
  • Handling (Separation from people and animals – Actions in the event of damage/leakage – Acceptance sheets)
  • Exercises (including practice check sheets)
  • CAA validation examination

Revalidation is achieved by re-attending the 2-day course