Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Service Contract

ADR regulations require anyone involved in the loading, unloading or transportation of dangerous goods by road to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA).

If you do not want to employ a full time DGSA, or to train one of your own staff in the role, or if you need cover for leave or absence, TrainingTeam can be your DGSA

We can offer you a service contract geared to suit your requirements to whatever level of involvement. As well as the statutory annual audit, this could include an initial, or regular, compliance check, telephone support, site visits, incident investigation, advice and training.

The DGSA’s responsibilities are, strictly speaking, for road transport, but all our DGSAs can provide advice and support for air, and sea as well; (many other DGSA’s are not qualified in these areas), so these can be included in the contract where needed.

We find that no two businesses have exactly the same requirements, so please call us to discuss yours and see how cost effective our assistance could be. In certain circumstances a DGSA need not be appointed, but exemptions are not necessarily straightforward. Call us if you are unsure.