The Dangerous Goods Academy is more than just multimodal training provision – it is a place where members involved in the shipment and transportation of dangerous goods can access the following:

  • Advice – dangerous goods queries can be sent to the normal place for member advice, the Member Advice Centre (MAC)
  • Support – FTA offers a multimodal DGSA Consultancy service
  • Dangerous goods equipment – available through the FTA shop
  • Information – in the form of regulatory updates and guidance
  • Training – FTA members get a 20 per cent discount off TrainingTeam courses and these can be booked through FTA member services from September
  • Track and Train – members just need to provide us with the expiry dates of their staff certifications.

We will do the rest by letting them know when they are eligible to revalidate and notifying of the next available course in their area

We are launching the Dangerous Goods Academy to coincide with the first TrainingTeam course held at an FTA venue and the launch of the 2019 FTA Training prospectus.

The ‘Multimodal’ course commences on 24 September 2018 at FTA Leeds.

Multimodal Air, Sea & Road

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Multimodal Air, Sea and Road (5 days)

Course Info

FTA member price £752 plus VAT (non-members £940 plus VAT).

Increasingly, our clients are finding it necessary to be dangerous goods qualified in the three principal modes of transport – air, sea and road. In the past, it has been necessary to attend each full course. However, because of the considerable amount of common ground covered by these courses, we now offer one-day ‘top-up’ sessions (for sea and road) to follow on from a scheduled Dangerous Goods by Air Certificate course. This not only reduces the overall cost but also reduces the time a student is away from the workplace by two days.

This 5 day course comprises of 3 days Dangerous Goods by Air, 1 day by Sea and 1 day by Road. The course is offered at a discounted rate to the individual courses and only available to students booking all 5 days.

To reserve your place on this course, click on your preferred date within the calendar.

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