NXCT (National X-Ray Competence Test)

NXCT for Aviation X-Ray Screeners

THE PURPOSE of this Department for Transport mandatory test is to set a standard for security screening by ensuring that all operators of X-ray equipment can demonstrate the necessary skills to be effective at the X-ray screening task.

X-RAY EQUIPMENT within an aviation security environment can only be operated by someone who has passed the NXCT, computer-based competency test. There is a specific test for cargo X-ray operators and a separate test for staff screening baggage.

THE TESTS are computer based and last approximately 1 hour. The operator must pass the test each year (within 13 months) to remain qualified. The test is divided into 3 main parts - each testing a different aspect of the operators skills.

TO BE ELEGIBLE to sit the Cargo NXCT, candidates are required to hold a current Air Cargo Security ' COS' certificate which must include Module 14 from the training syllabus ‘Using Cargo X-ray Equipment’. Baggage screening staff must hold a current ‘Operative Certificate’ which must include the relevant sections of Module 6 in the Ground Security Training Syllabus.

TrainingTeam is fully accredited to offer both tests and will conduct either cargo or baggage tests at your venue at a time to suit your operation.

REFRESHER SESSIONS are recommended for candidates renewing an existing NXCT qualification, but who are not regular users of x-ray equipment. Please call to discuss your requirements - 01293 536943