Known Consignors (KC) Operators (Modules 1-11) The Responsible Person

All staff with unescorted access to identifiable secure air cargo will require training to some degree. Exactly which staff receive which level or module is down to the specific company to decide based on their knowledge of the operation and the rules set in place by the CAA/DfT.


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Who Should Attend?

There is an air cargo security training syllabus specifically for Known Consignors, this consists of 11 Modules. Modules 1–10 are for all staff handling or directly involved with air cargo shipments, with the additional Module 11 intended for the person taking responsibility for the secure process and acting as the contact point with the CAA/DfT.

Course Content

The course covers the following:

  • The threat to aviation
  • Security in the Aviation Industry
  • The Trainee's Role
  • Overview of Cargo & Mail
  • Transport
  • Security Controls
  • Protecting air cargo
  • Prohibited Articles and Concealments
  • The Consignment Security Certificate
  • The Responsible Person

GSAT Modules

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