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Are your Goods Dangerous?

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Are Your Goods Dangerous?

Some years ago an aircraft crashed on takeoff in Florida, killing 109 people. The cause, was a fire in the cargo hold attributed to improperly packed dangerous goods.

More recently, a cargo agent in the UK was fined £25000 plus costs, for a serious infringement of the Dangerous Goods by Air regulations. Such are the consequences in the UK of not complying with accepted and mandatory procedures designed to prevent accidents. Regular shippers of dangerous goods by air, sea or road generally understand the requirements, but problems often arise when companies are unaware of the strict procedures to be followed and their own legal responsibilities.

ARE YOUR GOODS DANGEROUS? Some items are more obvious than others ! For example explosives, cylinders of compressed gas and radioactive materials are clearly hazardous, but how do you know if a carton of cosmetics should be classed as flammable, corrosive or possibly both ? There are countless other less obvious items and substances all potentially dangerous and needing to be correctly classified by using the appropriate regulations.

Once classified the regulations detail how the shipment should be packed, marked, labelled and handled. All personnel involved with the shipping of dangerous goods MUST receive training to an appropriate level and on successful completion of a full course the student will be qualified to sign the authorising document accompanying a shipment of dangerous goods.

By attending one of our initial courses all aspects of shipping dangerous goods will be explained. Allowing YOU to determine if your goods are indeed dangerous.

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  • I would recommend the course held by Andy Wakely to my company/colleagues as he is able to relate the information to all students.
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  • This course and its contents were much needed and we’ll use the info and guidelines in our everyday use.  Thanks
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  • I have completed several DG courses.  It is a difficult subject.  This course was the best so far in terms of the way it was set out and in using the manual. Everything ran very smoothly - I would recommend them.
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  • Excellent presentation style made 3 days of an unexciting topic very enjoyable.
    Excellent presentation style,
  • Very impressed as always with all aspects of the course and Training Team in general.  I would definitely recommend. Thank you.
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  • It’s a lot to pack into 2 days, but our instructor used her judgements to breeze over simple subjects, so we could engage in the more strenuous sections, but stopped if questions arose.
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