Boeing 747 In-flight Fire

In flight fire on a Boeing 747 involving a smart phone. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is investigating an in-flight fire involving a Qantas Boeing 747, VH-OJS, near Los Angeles International Airport, United States, on 21 June 2016. During cruise, a passenger’s mobile phone became trapped in a seat reclining mechanism. As the seat moved, the phone was crushed resulting in a fire. The fire was extinguis
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Confused about Regulated Agent training levels?…..

Then worry no more – here is our guide to the new DfT syllabus and how they map across to the old system… Level CASP – Cargo Aviation Security Principles (Previously level A & B) General awareness for staff who have access to secure areas but do not have direct involvement with air cargo (including drivers previously trained to level A/D). Level CAP – Cargo Aircraft Protection (Previously Level C) For staff invol
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Internet Retailer Prosecuted by the CAA

Internet Retailer Prosecuted by the CAA The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) prosecuted an online retailer who sold and shipped two one litre bottles of drain cleaner by air to a customer in Jersey. The bottles were carried by air from Bournemouth Airport to Jersey the package split open and injured two postal workers. The drain cleaners contained Sulphuric acid UN1830 which is corrosive and therefore needs to be pa
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